About Us

Stackfile was formed in February 2007 with the passion to become the world’s best file management service provider. It began as an idea and has grown into one of the most innovative solutions for file management on the internet. Stackfile (http://mystackfile.com/) , is the first of the file management providers to bring an all encompassing solution to the market. When other providers are costly and limited Stackfile brings more choices for the user. The team at Stackfile saw a need for this type of service when they witnessed the poor level of service and lack of options the largest file management providers offered.

By the end of 2007 Stackfile had developed its innovative transporter application and the web based management system to accompany it. This application allows the user to store and manipulate their files in many ways that other services simply cannot. Stackfile permits users to have the freedom and flexibility to do what they wish with their files without constraints such as non-economical pricing, small file size limits, and various other limitations. Stackfile is driven by their passion for the end user and to provide a better future for online file management.

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